April 18, 2013

Latin Mass Community of St. Mary Magdalen's new home

Our friends from the Latin Mass Community of St. Mary Magdalen sent this note to Archbishop Gomez regarding their recent move from Mission San Buenaventura:

Your Excellency,
I just wanted to let you know that we have successfully moved from the Mission in Ventura to St. Mary Magdalen chapel in Camarillo. We had 275 people on our first Sunday (Palm) and 205 on Easter. So, we have doubled in size from our typical 90-110 at the Mission.
We are feeling welcome in our new home! Many newcomers say that they have never been to an Extraordinary Form Mass and were very moved at the reverence and beauty of this ancient form of the Roman Rite.

Visit their new blog, which includes:
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Here is a link to pictures from their Palm Sunday Mass at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church: