July 31, 2014

First Saturday Mass for August 2014

This upcoming Saturday, Aug. 2nd., will be our First Saturday Mass for the month of August. All are invited to join us for Low Mass at noon at our Mass site, Queen of Heaven Cemetery Chapel. The Mass intention will be for the Christians who are suffering terrible persecution in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East.


July 25, 2014

Meriam Ibrahim is free

 Meriam Ibrahim is free - thank you for your prayers for her. Through the intersession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, let us continue to pray for our brethren all over the world that suffer for the One True Faith.

Te Redemptoris Dominique nostri

O beautiful Virgin! we acknowledge thee to be the Mother of our Savior and God; but thou art, too, the solace and Help of Christians, in their adversities.

The gates of hell may rage; the old enemy may, in his wrath, stir up anger which may threaten to destroy the people of God;

But this wild passion can do no hurt to those pure souls, whose prayers have won protection and heavenly strength from the Virgin ever Blessed.

If she be our Patroness and help us, the din of wicked war must cease, and our enemies must fall by thousands, or be put to flight.

As on the holy mount of Sion there was a tower and citadel with its well-built wall, and the City of David was safe with its shields and valiant men:

So the Virgin, made strong by the mighty hand of God, and laden with heaven's gifts, wards off from her devoted clients the blows of Satan.

O holy Trinity, to whom all praise is due! grant that we may praise thee through eternal years. May our souls by their faith, and our lips by their hymns, laud thy holy name. Amen 

July 16, 2014

Monterey Latin Mass Confirmation 2014

From our Chaplain Fr. Nicholas Milich:
Confirmation is coming, Confirmation is coming...
Every two years we have the privilege of the presence of his Excellency, Bishop Richard Garcia for the sake of conferring the Sacrament of Confirmation. And every two years we find that in addition to the young people, seen as the ordinary recipients of the Sacrament, there are many adults who, for one reason or another, have never been Confirmed. This is the time. The date of the Confirmation is Nov. 18. But preparatory classes are part of the process. For now we need to know who will be receiving the Sacrament. For the "confirmandi" you must 1) be at least 12 years old at the time of reception of the Sacrament. There is no upper age limit, of course. This minimum age is lower than that of most area parishes because of the special circumstances of our community, and comes via the direct permission of Bishop Garcia. There will be no exceptions to the minimum age. 2) You must be attending the Traditional Latin Mass in our community. There will be no exceptions. It is a matter of respecting the integrity of local parishes and the Bishop's own requirement. 3) You must attend the classes. Once we have a list, we will try to find the best time for the sessions. 4) You must have a baptismal certificate. They are fairly easy to obtain in most cases, and if there is a difficulty, we need to know now. Remember that Confirmation is an important part of our spiritual armor. Adults who have not been confirmed have a real need for this Sacrament. And young people, who will soon face all the usual challenges of growing up, need it now. So, please, please sign up now, via our email address (info@montereylatinmass.org), or directly after Mass with June Ely (just ask around, people will direct you to her). And get to work requesting a copy of the Baptismal certificate.

July 13, 2014

25th. Anniversary of the Jesus Mary Joseph Home, Santa Cruz

You are invited:
One of the charities that our community tithes to is the Jesus Mary Joseph Home in Santa Cruz. All are invited to celebrate the 25th. Anniversary of the JMJ Home on Saturday, Aug. 12th., from 12:00 noon until 4:00 pm. There will be music, snacks, and a special guest, Bishop Richard Garcia.
The address is 132 Lennox St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Please RSVP: (831) 419-7899 or patsgorman@hotmail.com