December 19, 2016

Sacred Heart’s Latin Mass Christmas schedule

Sacred Heart’s Latin Mass Christmas schedule:
Saturday, December 24th.: Christmas Vigil 10:00am
Saturday, December 24th.: 11:00pm Christmas Vigil with Christmas carols, then
Sunday, December 25th.: Midnight Mass - Solemn High Mass. After Midnight Mass there will be hot chocolate and pastries.
Sunday, December 25th.:  Solemn High Mass 10:30am

December 2, 2016

JMJ Home Christmas outreach update

JMJ Home Christmas outreach update:
This coming Sunday I will have the JMJ Home tree set up again in the vestibule of Sacred Heart Church for anyone that was unable to pick an ornament, or maybe you want to grab another one.
There are 5 children ornaments and 6 mom gift card ornaments left. The amount on the gift card is your choice. It gives the mom a chance to buy whatever need may come up or get something for herself.
One mom is asking for pots, pans and dishes. She was a resident with her son and they just moved out 2 weeks ago. She has a steady job and was able to get a home of their own. That is why she is requesting those items.
We have been invited to the home on Saturday, December 17th. at 4:30. Bring the gifts and a dish to share. They so enjoy our presence and love to give thanks in person. If you are able to make it please R.S.V.P. to me, so that I can give the director an idea of numbers.
Thank you for opening your hearts and wallets this Advent season.
Erin Walbeck

Happy Advent! This Sunday is the day to bring the gifts for the Jesus Mary Joseph home. Please bring the wrapped gifts with the name tag taped to the gift to the Sacred Heart Latin Mass. If you lost the tag please put the name on the gift, so it goes to the designated resident. If you would like to deliver the gifts yourself please join the residents at their home in Santa Cruz on Saturday, December 17th at 4:30. Bring the gifts and a dish to share. If you plan on attending please let me know by early next week, so I can give the director the number of us that will be coming. I will also give you the address when you R.S.V.P. Thank you again for making this year's Christmas Outreach a great success!
God bless, Erin Walbeck