April 9, 2013

Latin Mass Charities

Our Chaplain Fr. Milich mentioned in his sermon this past Sunday that as a community we tithe a portion of our collection to local charities. He also mentioned that as individuals, as families, we should have a charity that we regularly support. Here is the list of the charities, with links, that our community currently supports on a monthly basis, charities that help the most needy in our area. These charities have many different opportunities for helping out, seasonally or on a regular basis:

Saint Francis Soup Kitchen - food and care for the poorest in the community.
Jesus Mary Joseph Home - shelter for homeless women, children and the terminally ill. 
Pajaro Valley Loaves and Fishes - food pantry and kitchen to feed, serve, and support the hungry, including working poor families, migrant farm workers, and elderly, disabled, and homeless individuals.