January 23, 2017

Update from Seminarian Andrew Rapoport

The following is a letter from seminarian Andrew Rapoport, FSSP, who recently visited Sacred Heart parish in Hollister and assisted our Chaplain Fr. Nicholas A. Milich at Mass:

Dear Monterey Latin Mass Community, 

It was a pleasure being able to visit for Mass on the Octave Day of the Nativity. It has been a while since I've informed the community on my progress here at the seminary, so a quick update is due. 

After spending a month at the FSSP parish in Vancouver, B.C. this past summer, I stared my sixth year of Seminary in August. My Fall semester went well. I had a number of different theology classes and Homiletics. Learning how to preach was challenging but I certainly enjoyed the experience. 

My second semester of the sixth year started this past week. My class schedule will be pretty busy. I have Bioethics, Theological Virtues, a class on the Sacrament of Penance, a music class and Scripture. 

I was informed recently by the Superior General that I have been approved for ordination to the Subdiaconate, the Diaconate and permanent incorporation into the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. The ordination to the Subdiaconate will be Feb. 11th. and the Diaconate ordination will be on March 25th., both are here in Nebraska. I ask that you please keep me in your prayers. These ordinations are open to the public, so if anyone from the community is interested in attending please let me know. 

This summer will be quite eventful for me. God willing, my whole class of ten will be visiting the Fraternity's seminary in Germany in June. While there, we will attend the priestly ordinations. We will do much sight seeing and have an opportunity to take part in the Chartres pilgrimage. 

After a month in Germany, I hope to take advantage of being in Europe and do some traveling of my own. I plan to visit Rome, Spain and Portugal. As this year marks the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Fatima, I greatly look forward to visiting Our Lady's shrine. If time permits I will also visit the Portuguese islands of the Azores (I am part Portuguese and still have some distant relatives on the islands). 

After this time in Europe, I plan to go to Nigeria. One of my good friends, Deacon Charles Ike, is from Nigeria and will be ordained to the priesthood there. I volunteered to help with his ordination which will be on August 15th. During that time, I will help at the Fraternity's mission parish as well as help with a boys camp.

Following this busy summer, by God's grace I will return for my seventh and final year of seminary. 

I would like to thank you for the support you have given me these past years. The fundraiser which which was held last year was a great success; the money which was raised along with annual donations which I receive have been enough to cover my tuition for at least the rest of this year.

 I will need, however, to come up with the funds to cover my trip to Nigeria; this includes a travel visa, vaccinations and a flight from Europe to Nigeria. I would greatly appreciate any financial assistance that you might be willing to offer (no matter how small the donation). 

I greatly appreciate all of your prayers. Please continue to pray for me as I approach Holy Orders. Be assured of my prayers the Latin Mass Community. 

In Jesus and Mary, 

Fr. Andrew Rapoport, FSSP, was ordained to the Holy Priesthood on May 26th., 2018. You are welcome to watch a video of his ordination here, and read more about it here. Thank you to all who supported Fr. Rapoport throughout the years with prayer and financial help. 
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