November 29, 2016

Sacred Heart Latin Mass Christmas outreach update, 2016

Sacred Heart Latin Mass Christmas outreach update:
Happy Advent!! Thank you to all those who took an ornament from our JMJ home tree. I want to explain what the home is about for those who are new to our community. The Jesus Mary Joseph Home is located in Santa Cruz. It is a shelter for homeless mothers and their children. They also take in the terminally ill. It is a unique home in the community.
For the passed 5 years the Latin Mass community has brought the families gifts for Christmas. It is a special time of year to show God's love through charity and compassion. I am including a link to the home, so you can read up on this special place:
If you did pick an ornament today please hold onto it. You will place the tag ornament on the wrapped gift. I am keeping track of the gifts by the gift tags. You can give the wrap gift to me before or after Mass up until December 11th. or I can make arrangements and pick up at a later date.
If you would like to deliver the gifts yourself please do so and join us for a Christmas Party at the home on Sat., Dec. 17th. at 4:30. More on the party in the weeks ahead.
I will have the tree set up next Sunday on the 4th. for those who missed the chance to pick an ornament gift tag. We have plenty left over, so please be open to getting involved and helping those in need.
Thank you for your generosity and kindness.
God bless,
Erin Walbeck