April 8, 2016

GoFundMe for St. Therese Mission school in Gabon, Africa

Our Latin Mass community regularly supports the Latin Mass Mission of St. Therese in Gabon, Africa. Good friends have created a GoFundMe account to help Rev. Canon Fragelli raise money to build, at the Mission, a school for 500 students. Please support them if possible, and feel free to pass on the following information, through whatever means you have: letters, emails, Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, etc. You could do an immense good for a lot of people in just a few minutes.
The GoFundMe address is: https://gofund.me/ktvz65qc
Please be assured of their immense gratitude and of their prayers. Their prayer is that the Good Lord and the Blessed Mother will reward all for reaching out to those that, in a certain way, They love the most.