January 28, 2014

The Feast of the Purification

This coming Sunday coincides with the Feast of the Purification, also known as the Presentation, and also known as Candlemas. This has long been one of the beloved festivals of the Catholic people. In England and Ireland, it was a particularly important day, when the candel makers' guilds (an important part of the economy in that time) would bring their wares to the local parish church and offer them to the parish. Candles are to be blessed before Mass, recalling that Christ is the Light of the World. So...if you have candles to be blessed, bring them. Be sure you are there before Mass. We will also provide enough candles for each individual or family. We have chosen candles that will not drip on the floor. This is of special importance. We will bless all candles, but we ask that any candles used in the rite at the beginning of Mass be equipped to catch melting wax so that none of it drips on the floor. As you know, we only rent the chapel at Queen of Heaven and we wish to be respectful to the site. Also we would ask that no small children carry candles. Every priest has known at least one or two incidents of children being burned or burning another accidentally during such rites. The candles will not be burning for a terribly long time, so at the very least exercise parental oversight on this, and on the question of dripping wax. The rite should start at 10:30 and candles to be blessed must be in place before then. Thank you for your cooperation and your commitment to things Catholic.

Fr. Milich