December 28, 2013

Latin Mass Christmas outreach 2013 thank you

Much thanks to  the Latin Mass community for a successful, blessed outreach to the JMJ home. The Little Flowers group delivered the presents Saturday the 21st. We were welcomed with hugs from old friends and warm smiles from new  one's. The home is so beautifully mothered by Pat Gorman and her faithful helper Harriet. These two women are a true example of God's love for the poor and needy.

We all sat in their chapel in front of the Blessed Sacrament singing beautiful hymns and then Arianne ( a resident) read from Luke chapter 2. What a presence of peace and serenity in the home. We next went into their dining room for snacks and the children played outside.

Everyone then came in to open presents. It was a joy to watch the faces of the JMJ home children open their cute and wonderful presents. We enjoyed it as much as they did because this year we didn't wrap the gifts and so everything was a surprise to us as well. It was so much fun. The pink clothes, fur coats, doll, purses and everything else Valerie and Ayah received was a hit. The mothers were all so grateful for the gift cards and thoughtfulness of our community.

Thanks again for all your thoughtfulness and generosity!

God Bless, and have a very Merry Christmas,
Little Flowers