August 3, 2013

Food for our Altar Servers

We are starting a simple program where families take turns bringing food for our altar servers. Our servers  have to be at Mass early to help set up, they have to stay late to help take things down. And they serve the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  Most of them are still growing boys. They get hungry. By the time they get to the post-Mass food table, they find a few left-overs, and most of the time, it's just sweets. We would like to start a simple program to feed them because, after all, "the laborer deserves his wages." We would like to see families taking turns to bring enough food for 6-8 servers: sandwiches, pizza, etc., and drinks - good filling lunch items. We don't want this to be a reward for serving because serving the Mass is its own reward. But we do want to see them getting fed.
The following link will lead you to the sign up page where you can pick a Sunday to bring food for our altar servers: 

Thank you,
Fr. Milich